Offseason Plan: San Diego Padres

They San Diego Padres didn’t fare nearly as well as they did when they got a game away from their third straight playoff appearance in 2007. This year, they’re dead last in their division and in the running for the worst record in the MLB. (Which may be a good thing because of Stephen Strasburg) They are likely to cut payroll in ’09 to the 50 million range. If they pick up Brian Giles option and make no free agent signings, then they would have a payroll of about 46 million. Maybe if they can get Trevor Hoffman to take a discount and sign for around 5 million, they could get him in there are have a payroll around 50. I think it is possible they could sign a free agent or two and have a payroll around 75 million and could possibly compete. I don’t think they are 2 or 3 players away from contending, however. It makes more sense to rebuild. If they want to make some big splashes, they could trade Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez. Peavy is very unlikely because he is under contract through 2012 with an option for 2013. Gonzalez, however, could be dealt. He is signed through 2010 with an option for 2011. Only three years. Many teams are interested in first basemen, but there is a bleak market past Mark Teixera and Jason Giambi. Maybe trade Gonzalez to the Yankees for a package aroung Austin Jackson and Ian Kennedy. Kevin Kouzmanoff could also be dealt so they can move Chase Headly back to his natural position: third base. Khalil Greene could be traded as well, although it would be a huge sell low move. Only trade him if you get 75% of full value. They have nothing to lose by playing Greene in ’09 to raise his value. This is a team that is either going to be very quiet by not making many moves, or very loud by trading Gonzalez, Greene, and Kouzmanoff this offseason.




    I can definately see some big trades, however I feel that with the youth movement in the NL West it would be insane to get rid of Gonzalez, Kouz, and Peavy. I feel that this is a team that needs a spark plug in its offense, someone much like Milton Bradley was two seasons ago in the playoff push that lead them to game 163 against the rockies. I could see some large trades however. The padres really need to shore up their bullpen, and if Kevin Towers learned anything from last winter He needs to start making moves within the six days after the world series. I can see a trade possibility with Chris Young, and a prospect to maybe get two decent starters instead of having CY as the “second ace”. even though he has struggled this season, he has proven himself worthy of an ace position. I would also like to see an actual workhorse in the padres bullpen, someone like a Doug Brocail to bridge the gap from the starting pitcher to Heath Bell. It would be nice to see Hoffman return, however Heath Bell will eventually take over the closing position in the next years to come. As far as Giles goes, the Padres need the veterans around to keep the young kids in check. I can expect that Giles will be resigned, and the outfield for the Padres will probably be Giles in right, Gerut/Veneble in center, and Hairston/Headley in left. The infield has been pretty solid for the Padres The men at the corners are responsible for the Majority of the runs scored for the Padres last season. I could definitely see Edgar Gonzalez sticking around, and then the Padres finding a colorful Player to stick in somewhere in the infield or possibly outfield. It really seems that a major problem with the Padres has been no excitement for the game. I sat through a season watching about 140 boring games, the rest were slightly entertaining. This was a stark contrast to the season before when Milton Bradley was tearing it up every night. Yeah he was a trouble maker, but he gave the team some fire, and made them very dangerous. What people forget is that the NL West is not built on Home runs. many of the games are low scoring and are won by one or two runs. Thats why the Padres need to shore up their Bullpen, work on the bottom end of their starting rotation, and get a spark Plug in their Offense someone who is colorful and can get the Dugout really excited.

  2. Joe

    I agree, but with the Pads wanting to cut payroll, it will be hard to become a better team. I wouldn’t trade Gonzalez or Peavy unless blown-away.
    All Baseball All The Time

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