Offseason Plan: San Francisco Giants

The San Fran. Giants need to rebuild! They have been a bad team for a while now, but their bad GM Brian Sebean continues to try to fix this team in free agency. That is not going to work. I think he will sign Joe Crede. I don’t think he should, but he will. This team has a great nucleus of young pitching with Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and Jonathan Sanchez. That part of this team is done. What they need is offense. They have several holes in that department. They have no on at shortstop or third base. The outfield is good, though. They have the young Fred Lewis and the last year’s free agent signee Aaron Rowand. They also have a pretty good right field prospect in Nate Shierholtz, and should trade Randy Winn in the offseason to make room for him. Also, they could trade catcher Bengie Molina to fill a need. The Winn trade would be more of a salary dump. This team’s plan is a lot like the Mariners plan. They have to not sign any major free agents, and trade away part of its team to open up room for the younger players. 


  1. trauts

    I agree 100%. If we keep Molina, though, it would allow us to move Sandoval to First, thus filling one of our needs. Also, lets audition Fransden at Third, so we can let Aurillia go. we seem set at Short and Second with our 2 speedy rookies. Trade Winn for either a good middle reliever, or a power hitter. DO NOT SIGN CREDE! Bring up Posey and Bumgarner before the All-Star break; and also invite some other fresh, young arms to camp this Spring—guys who have been sensational this past year in the Minors (regardless of A-AA-AAA.) Also, it is long past time to say “good-bye” to Tyler Walker, Billy Sadler, Hennessy, and Correia. they’ve all had more than their fair shot, and have consistantly come up lacking. Time to move on. Not sure Sanchez or Hinshaw can fill their respective rolls, however, unless each of them can develop an effective off-speed pitch. Same goes for Wilson, their closer. These 3 are just too predictable with what they’ve got in their arsenals right now. And finally, I still think we need another hitting coach—one who will insist on our batters being more patient at the plate, taking more pitches, working the count, and teaching them the fine art of hitting to the opposite field when they are confronted by sinkerball, split-finger, knuckleball, or just off-speed pitchers. Winn figured this out, and look at his average. We need more emphasis on playing team ball, and that means having better discipline at the plate. We don’t have one legitimate homerun hitter on our club, so our guys should quit pretending they can morph into one, swallow their Me-First egos, and use their bats skillfully.

    Naturally, none of this is likely to happen.

  2. Joe

    I don’t think they should sign Crede, but I think it’s something that Brian Sebean will do. He likes overpaying veterans. (e.g. Aaron Rowand, Randy Winn, Rich Aurilla, I could go on forever) Also, they shouldn’t push Bumgarner and Posey to the MLB before they’re ready. The Royals have done this many times and it hasn’t paid off. I agree with the rest of the things you have said.
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