Offseason Plan: Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are a bad team, end of story. They need to blow this team up and start from scratch. I think a fire sale is in order. They have not done well, thus far. Seattle had two chances to trade Jarrod Washburn and his big salary, but passed both times. Washburn has had a terrible month of August, but hopefully some team will still take on that large salary in the offseason. Also, maybe they didn’t want to make any trades untill they found out who the next GM will be. I have a feeling Lee Pelekoudas won’t be back. In this offseason they need to trade Washburn and his salary if there are any takers, maybe trade Miguel Batista and/or Carlos Silva as well while eating salary. Erik Bedard also has to go. He is the only player on their team outside of Ichiro and Felix Hernandez that could bring back quality prospects in a trade. They can’t let these overpayed veterans get all the starts and force great prospects like Brandon Morrow and AJ Dickey into the bullpen. I wouldn’t mind if they dealt all four of these guys. Now, to the offense. They were stubborn in there asking prices for Adrian Belte and Raul Ibanez as well. Ibanez they had an excuse, though, because if they let Ibanez walk this winter, they will get draft picks because of his type A status. Beltre needs to be moved. Next year is the last in his contract and they won’t be competing. Also, try to move Kenji Johjima if you can. It will be hard becasue of his terrible contract, but maybe there will be a taker because of the weak free agent market for catchers. So my plan for the Mariners: No big money free agents, and have a fire sale.



  1. gesers

    ok, im sorry to say this but there are a lot of problems for your little plan here with the M’s. First, i’ll give you compliments on what your right on. Your 100% right they are a terrible team and pretty much need to rebuild there entire team. Your also right on that a lot of there players are bad. But, here are your major faults.

    FIRST, NO ONE WOULD EVER TRADE FOR BATISTA OR SILVA. No one is going to want to take there contracts and give away any type of prospect. They are either stuck with them or release them, which i don’t see them doing with the salary hit they would take. It is going to take years for this team to be good again. The mariners need to start spending some money, but in the right places. These are my plans for the M’s for next year to at least give the west a run for their money.
    Catcher:Give Jojima another chance. They signed him to the 4 year contract which was a huge mistake, but give him a chance to redeem himself.
    1st Base:SIGN MARK TEXIERA. Big power hitting, good fielding first baseman. It will be expensive, but worth it when he hit 30-35 homers and has 120 Rbi’s.
    2nd Base-Jose Lopez is fine. Not the best fielder but a good bat.
    3rd Base-Adrian Beltre. If they aren’t in it by allstar break, trade him.
    SS-Yuniesky Bentancourt. Decent. keep him, bat him last.
    LF-Vladimir Balentine. Give him a shot. See how he does.
    CF-Ichiro. enough said.
    RF-BOBBY ABREU. Yanks won’t resign him, spend some more money, gives you another 100 rbi threat and has a great arm. No one will want to test Abreu and Ichiro’s arms.
    DH-Try and resign Ibanez. Hopefully he’s not fed up with the M’s and they can persuade him back. He’d be a solid 5 hitter for them.
    Lineup: 1.Ichiro. 2.Lopez. 3.Abreu. 4.Texiera. 5.Ibanez. 6.Beltre. 7.Jojima. 8.Balentine. 9.Bentancourt

  2. Joe

    The M’s would have to throw in a lot of cash to move Batista or Silva, but they are still moveable. If they eat 90% of the contract it is. To me it doesn’t make sense to sign Teixera. He is going to be overpayed and plays at a very easy position to fill. If their sticking with Jojima and catcher, then why not just play Jeff Clement at first? No need to spend big bucks to keep Ibanez or sign Abreu. Like I said, just rebuild. No big free agent signings.
    All Baseball All The Time

  3. gesers

    Well to me you sound like a typical mariner fan. No team wins like this. You either have to spend the money or draft really well like the Rays….which the mariners have shown they can’t do. They passed up Lincecum who went to UW! How do you pass up a guy who throws 100 MPH and is dominating?
    Again, no one is going to want to take Silva or Batista. They are horrible. Stick them in the bullpen and see if they can do anything.
    2nd, Jeff Clement is not a threat whatsoever in the lineup. He scares no one. If anything I might DH him to see how he does and play Ibanez in left because I heard thats where he wants to play from now on. If you just keep sticking guys like Clement in positions, the M’s are going to have subpar seasons every year for the next 10 years.

  4. districtboy

    Well, gesers, you might want to take a little peak at 1) Clement’s age, 2) Clement’s AAA stats. The Mariners have a rare player who can be an offensive force at a premium position. Try your best to trade him and be willing ot eat some salary. Second, trading Silva and Batista isn’t impossible if, like Joe said, the M’s eat up some salary. It’s very simple; the more the M’s eat of the salary the better prospects they will receive. Third, you wrote “Give Johjima another chance”. Give him another chance for what? So if he has a good year, they can trade him at the deadline? Johjima has no future with the M’s and they should treat him the same way they treat Silva or Bautista.


  5. Joe

    Like Aaron said, Clement could very easily have a bounce back year. He’s so young and such a great prospect. Even if you put Mark Teixera, Bobby Abreu, and Raul Ibanez on that team they still won’t be anywhere close to the Angels. They might not even pass the Rangers or A’s. If they don’t rebuild and plunge money into the draft, then they will never compete. By the time the young talent is ready, Ibanez and Abreu will be old, bad contracts impossible to move. Teixera will be tying up about a fifth of the payroll, maybe more if they backload it. They should trade the veterans and rebuild this year, and depending on how they do next year will determine whether they continue and trade Felix Hernandez, or make some signings and go for it in 2010 or 2011. They won’t compete this year.
    All Baseball All The Time

  6. gesers

    alright aaron and joe,
    you guys make some pretty valid points. Clement is a good young player and i really dont have a problem with them playing him. Thats why i said they could DH him. I dont have much of a problem with them having him play 1st either.
    As for the Jojima comment, they JUST signed him to a 3 year deal worth what i believe is 17 million. You cant just give him the boot. he actually played well in 07 despite he lacks a little in defense.
    I think that the M’s have put themselves in a very deep hole though that is going to be hard to get out of. They arent going to end up like the Rays. I will tell you that. I would be very very very surprised if the Mariners won the world series in the next 20 years. They draft bad and to put it bluntly they aren’t ballsy enough to go out and spend money. They just won’t be able to compete with teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Tigers, Twins, and Angels. If there was a league inbetween AAA and the majors then thats where they belong.


    First of all, they do not need to start from scratch. i’ll tell you what needs to be done, starting rotation Felix, bedard, morrow, ryan and silva. Lets see felix is a young ace, bedard is going to be pitching for his career with his horrible season due to injury, morrow showed us his electric stuff in his starts in september, ryan-roland had like 11 quality starts in his rotation which basciallly put him in the rotation for next year, and silva is going to lose weight and try to bounce back. Bulloen could use some work, but they were bad cause the starting pitching would last 4 innings. The offense is the big issue here, lets see, i’d sign one free agent or trade. At first you put Mike Morse, remember his 2008 spring training which looked promising for his next step in his mlb career. He is going down to venezula to learn the position 2nd is fine with lopez, ss is fine with yuniskey, 3rd is beltre, if he struggles than split time with tuiasopso(however you spell it, Lf ibanez if you can sign him (just read a blog that might send “godzilla” from the yankees, give balintein a chance or reed and right field ichiro, catcher give kenji another shot or switch it up with clement. Pitching and defense will win you games, look at the rays and look at the yankees pitching woes and see that there lineup couldn’t help them. If you look at the teams who missed and go into the playoffs than you see what it comes down to.

  8. Joe,
    Erik Bedard is hurt and won’t be back untill at least the all-star break. It’s possible that Morrow or Ryan-Rowland will break out, but the back of their rotaion will kill them. I doubt Silva can bounce back. The offernse is a train wreck. If Ibanez leaves which is likely, then your cleanup hitter will be Celment, Balentien, or Johjima. They’d have to sign tons of guys and they still would be only a .500 team. Like it or not, the Mariners are a long ways off.
    All Baseball All The Time

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