Offseason Needs

Now that I have finished the free agent market series, I will list the offseason needs of every team. It’s just another way to find out what your team is interested in.


Braves- Starter, Reliever, Left Fielder, Center Fielder

Mets- Starter, Reliever, Left Fielder, First Basemen

Phillies- Starter, Reliever, Left Fielder

Marlins- Reliever, Catcher

Nationals- Starter, Reliever, two outfielders

Cubs- Reliever, Center Fielder

Brewers- Starter, Reliever (get 2), Center Fielder

Cardinals- Starter, Reliever, Second Basemen, Shortstop

Astros- Starter (get 2), Reliever (get 2), Catcher

Reds- Reliever, Center Fielder, Left Fielder, Shortstop, Catcher

Pirates- Starter, Reliever

Dodgers- Starter (get 2), Shortstop, Second Base, Third Base

Diamond Backs- Starter, Reliever, Second Base

Padres- Starter, Reliever, Left Fielder, Center Fielder

Rockies- Starter, Reliever, Second Basemen

Giants- Reliever, Shortstop, Third Basemen

Angels- Reliever, First Basemen, Left Fielder or DH

Rangers- Starter, Reliever, DH

A’s- Shortstop, Third Basemen

Mariners- Reliever, DH, Left Fielder

White Sox- Second Basemen

Twins- Reliever, Third Basemen, Shortstop

Tigers- Starter, Reliever, Catcher, Shortstop, Left Fielder

Royals- Starter, First Basemen, Catcher

Indians- Starter, Reliever, Second Basemen, Third Basemen/Shortstop

Yankees- Starter, Reliever, First Basemen/Left Fielder

Red Sox- Reliever, Catcher

Rays- Right Fielder, DH

Blue Jays- DH, Shortstop

Orioles- Starter, Reliever, First Basemen, Third Basemen, Shortstop

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