DeJesus for Pie, Cedeno makes sense

In the offseason, a trade of David DeJuses for Felix Pie and Ronny Cedeno would make a lot of sense. The Cubs have shown interest in him in the past. Last year, when their right field situation was bad they checked in. Now, they have a right fielder, but need a center fielder. It is a scarce free agent market as is shown here. DeJesus is also a leadoff man, so the Cubs could move Alfonso Soriano down in the order. So, I’m sure the Cubs would love DeJesus. The Royals would get Felix Pie, a high upside outfielder who has a lot of potential but hasn’t done good in the MLB. A switch to a low pressure city like Kansas City might be good for him. Also, they would let him take his lumps at the big league level. Ronny Cedeno would be a solid stopgap for Mike Moustakes. If anything, the Cubs could throw in another prospect to seel the deal. This trade makes sense.

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