MLB Predictions: August

I usually make my predictions on the first of every month (excluding the offseason) But because I made the site today, I will make my prediction today.


AL East

Rays.  They have been awesome almost all year long. Everyone is talking about how they are going to fall off in the final 2 months. Well, half of August is over and they’re still in first. They have had injury problems recently with Crawford and Longoria, but they will still win that division slightly over the Red Sox

AL Central

White Sox.  They are the best all around team in this division. The Twins do have great pitching, but the White Sox pitching is also very good. The White Sox have a far superior lineup, however. Also, the Twins run diferential is not near as good as the White Sox. The Tigers have a slight chance, but they have terrible pitching and are not as good as the White Sox or Twins. This, like the east, is going to go sown to the wire, but I believe the White Sox will come out on top over the Twins.

AL West

Angels.  They have this division locked up. There is no chance they don’t win it. This is the best team in the MLB. Mark Teixera makes their lineup scary, they have the best pitching in the MLB and a solid bullpen with an outstanding closer. This team is set. 

AL Wild Card

Red Sox.  This is a fairly easy choice. If the Red Sox do win the East, then the Rays will take the Wild Card. There is a slight chance that both the White Sox and the Twins make the playoffs, but Those teams have a better chance of catching the other in the division. The Rangers and Yankees also have a very slight chance, but a chance. I don’t see it happening, though, because of the teams bad pitching.

NL East

Phillies.  This is a tough one to call. The Phillies have the best lineup, and probably the best bullpen, but arguably the worst starting pitching. A lot depends on Brett Myers. If he can come back and be their #2, they will easily win this division. I don’t like the Mets chances. They have the worst lineup, arguably the worst starting pitching, and definatley the worst bullpen. Don’t count out the Marlins because they are overachievers. They have a good lineup with a lot of power, and if Josh Johnson and Anibal Sanchez return successfully from injury, and if Chris Volstad pitches well as a rookie, they will have the best pitching, and maybe the best bullpen. They are a huge dark horse if things go right. 

NL Central

Cubs.  This is almost a given. They have been on top all year long, and played well with first place on the line by sweeping the Brewers. They are just the best team in the NL, and are not going to go away. By the way, I don’t see the Cardinals getting any closer than they are right now, they are going to fall off just like they have started.

NL West

Dodgers.  This is the toughest division to peg. Before the Manny Ramirez trade, I thought it would be the D’Backs because they had a better lineup. After the trade, the Dodgers had the better lineup and the better team. Then the D’Backs get Adam Dunn and it is close again. Since I have to pick, though, I will take the Dodgers. They have been playing like a different team ever since the Manny trade, and have more experience than the D’Backs  

NL Wild Card

Brewers.  I would be surprised if the Brewers didn’t win this. The Cardinals are falling off, like I stated before, the Marlins or Phillies have a chance if both Brett Myers and the Marlins pitchers pitch well. That’s only 2 teams that have a chance, the Cardinals and either the Phils or Fish. All in all, the Brewers have the best team and will win the Wild Card.

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