Hardy to Twins for Blackburn would make sense

I think in the offseason, a JJ Hardy for Nick Blackburn trade would make a lot of sense. It is certain that the Brewers will shop Hardy in the offseason to make room for Alcidies Escobar, and would probably want pitching in return. The Twins would likely be in the market for shortstop, like many other teams. Loosing a #3 starter like Blackburn would hurt the Twins, but they have a lot of pitching depth. They could easily replace Blackburn with Kevin Mulvey, or maybe giving Boof Bonser another chance. Hardy would be a big bat that could hit second in the lineup. The Brewers would solve their starting pitching problems, with Blackburn and Yovani Gallardo replacing Ben Sheets and CC Sabathia. They could use the rest of their money to get some bullpen help.


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